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5 Generator Snow Preparation Tips

Winter is on its way. Long Island has already seen some snowfall, which is rare for this time of year. If we are in for some heavy snows this season, you need to be prepared. Heavy snow and ice can do major damage to power grids, so it is a smart move to prepare your  … Read more

generator installation

4 Common Commercial Electrical Hazards

If the lights are on in the office and your machines are up and running, everything is fine, right? Well, maybe not. Work sites are frequently in violation of numerous electrical codes. This creates not only grounds for potential citations, but safety hazards as well. In the interest of keeping your employees safe and your  … Read more

generator installation

Transfer Switch Safety 101

Choosing a portable or standby home generator is an important step to protecting your family in case of a power outage. If your power cuts out suddenly, you want to make sure you can get your generator running safely, quickly and easily. The best way to do this is to have a transfer switch installed  … Read more

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Keep It Down!!! 5 Easy Methods To Reduce Noise in Your Home Generator

Making the investment in your portable home generator is a huge step toward protecting your family, especially during hurricane season. You never know when an emergency might strike, and having back-up power is a fantastic way to be prepared. However, one thing you might not be prepared for is the noise the generator will make.  … Read more

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6 Generator Maintenance Tips

Don’t get stuck in the dark this coming storm season… It’s officially fall on Long Island! This means pumpkin picking or enjoying fall sporting events. However, for the team at NY Electric, it means the perfect time for generator maintenance. You may feel like your generator is in great condition for the upcoming season, but  … Read more

What’s Your Wattage? How to Determine What Size Generator You Need

NY Electric of Huntington helps you determine the right generator for your needs. Not all generators are created equal! This also applies to the appliances and equipment you’re trying to power. Some tools and devices need an extra boost of power just to start up, while others have consistent power wattage requirements throughout. These are  … Read more

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How a Home Backup Generator Works

  When you have a home backup generator, it will sense a power outage and turn on automatically. Conveniently, it will run until your utility power returns. Standby generators are your ideal choice when the power goes out for days or weeks at a time. During a hurricane on Long Island, those with home backup  … Read more

4 Important Standby Generator Features

As the market for generators continues to grow, so does the amount of options, and special features being added to each new model. Purchasing a standby or portable generator for your home is an investment that deserves careful thought and consideration. Choosing the right generator can provide many years of use, and security in the  … Read more

Generator Maintenance in Long Island Hospital

Generator Maintenance on Long Island

Taking preventative steps now will save you an emergency generator maintenance in the future… Whether you use your generator for primary and backup purposes, it must be regularly maintained throughout its lifetime. Perhaps you are a large company that utilizes many generators. Or a small business who keeps a generator or two on hand for  … Read more

Transfer Switches: What are they & Why do I need one?

When you start shopping for a home standby generator, you may start hearing about transfer switches. Having an electrician install a transfer switch is the best way to plan ahead for power outages. Many homeowners and business owners have seen the benefits of transfer switches. In the event of a power outage, this is a  … Read more