Generator Maintenance in Long Island Hospital

Generator Maintenance on Long Island

Taking preventative steps now will save you an emergency generator maintenance in the futureā€¦

Whether you use your generator for primary and backup purposes, it must be regularly maintained throughout its lifetime. Perhaps you are a large company that utilizes many generators. Or a small business who keeps a generator or two on hand for job site or emergencies. Maybe your household utilizes a standby generator in the event of a power outage. Regardless of size or usage, you will need regular generator maintenance.

At NY Electric Company, we are well-versed in generators, and possess the necessary skill set to maintain and service your generator equipment. In fact, scheduled maintenance allows us to predict the life expectancy of specific components, and when they require replacement. This means that your generators will be reliable and up-to-date for years to come. Staying on top of a pre-determined tune up schedule ensures maximum service and operation levels in the event of generator power being required.


Safe & working generators are our priority at New York Electric Company.
We want our clients to have power when they need it.
Our skilled electricians perform routine maintenance which includes:

  • Removing, replacing or upgrading worn out parts.
  • Measuring fluid levels.
  • Inspecting battery, cleaning connections.
  • Consult control panel readings and indicators to ensure accurate reads.
  • Change out fuel and air filters.


Electrician kneeling, performing Generator Maintenance

Taking the time to invest in these small updates and replacements will save you expensive upgrades in the future. When implementing routine maintenance, your service provider from New York Electric Company will record each action and reading to establish a running log of your equipment. This allows our service experts to look back and predict future needs or concerns with performance. Preventative actions now, mean that your business or home have the added protection of power in an emergency. For more information on our products, services and maintenance programs contact the New York Electric Company today.