Standby Generator Outside of Home

Standby Generators: A Long-Term Investment

A natural disaster can turn from a looming threat to a devastating reality almost instantaneously. And without definitive power restoration plans, outages can last for days or weeks on end, as Long Island observed in the weeks following Hurricane Sandy. A standby home generator will afford you and your family the convenience and familiarity of  … Read more

Red Portable generator

5 Most Common Portable Generator Mistakes

There are a lot of factors to weigh when deciding between a portable and a standby generator. Standby generators are great choices for anyone looking for a permanent solution that has a dedicated space to store the generator. Additionally, standby generators are more expensive than portable generators. Portable generators are less expensive than their permanent  … Read more

Home goes dark in a black out

How Do I Prepare for Hurricane Season on Long Island?

The pleasures of summer on Long Island are truly an experience to behold. Beach weather, hiking, road trips. Unfortunately, these activities are brought down by the increased likelihood of hurricane weather. As all of us Long Islanders know, hurricane weather can bring widespread power outages and other weather-related obstacles. We’ve already gone over why you  … Read more

Home Lit Up with Backup Generator Power

Top 4 Considerations When Choosing the Right Location For Your Home Generator

So, you’ve finally made the decision to move forward and purchase a standby home generator. But where are you going to put it? We have compiled a list of the top 4 considerations when choosing the right location for your home standby generator. As electrician professionals, we understand that selecting the location for generator installation  … Read more

Debris blocking Long Island road during hurricane

Prepare for Hurricane Season by Purchasing A Generator

Arrange Your Generator Installation Early! As Long Islanders, we understand the pressure that hurricanes can place on everyone. Storms bring along dangerous conditions and raise tensions, which is extremely disruptive to our lifestyle. In an era where super-storms have become commonplace, a home or portable generator is even more important. Purchasing a generator before hurricane  … Read more

Yellow Auxiliary Diesel Generator for Emergency Electric Power.

Why Should I Exercise My Generator?

Home Generator Maintenance: Generator Exercise Like any power tool or electrical unit, regular maintenance is paramount to keeping your generators in tip-top shape. Because dangerous weather conditions can be unpredictable, keeping a close eye on your home standby generator will help you maintain your lifestyle, even during storms. Generator exercise will prolong the life of  … Read more

Standby generator options for installation

Should I Purchase a Generator for my Business?

In this age of constant communication, small and large businesses must remain open to stay in the industry forefront. This not only includes holidays, but also inclement weather. Unexpected and long-awaited storms alike can disrupt the flow of even the most efficient businesses.Our staff is experienced in installing generators to accommodate your business and give  … Read more

Diesel Generator

2017 Diesel Generator Servicing and Maintenance

When the electrical grid fails, you will need to depend on your standby diesel generator. Although the top generator brands are built to last, there will be a time to service and maintain your generator. For most people on Long Island, power outages are just an inconvenience. However, for hospitals, healthcare facilities, mission-critical facilities, and  … Read more

generator maintenance

LED Parking Lot Lights: Make the Switch in 2017

Your business should be important to you. Whether you need generator installation, or transfer switches repaired, it is vital that you keep your company in top working order. That being said, you will also want your business to make a strong first impression to visitors. One of the best ways to do this is with  … Read more

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Let’s Light Your Landscape!

We don’t just do generators here at NY Electric Company. One of the many services we provide is the installation of landscape lighting. Whether it’s your home or business, we’ve got the skills to light it up! Before you get started, however, think about some of these pointers on how to light things up the  … Read more