Standby generator options for installation

Should I Purchase a Generator for my Business?

In this age of constant communication, small and large businesses must remain open to stay in the industry forefront. This not only includes holidays, but also inclement weather. Unexpected and long-awaited storms alike can disrupt the flow of even the most efficient businesses.Our staff is experienced in installing generators to accommodate your business and give you the peace of mind you need.


Generator Benefits: Business As Usual

Maintaining phone accessibility, email correspondence and monitoring electronic databases is imperative to keep a working relationship with clients. So what do you do when the power goes out? A generator will help your office proceed through any emergency without feeling helpless during storms. Rather than asking employees to work from home during outages, ensure optimal productivity by keeping employees in the office.


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Automatic Generator Solutions

As electrical professionals, we offer several options in configuring your electrical system to keep your generator on standby in the case of an outage. An automatic transfer switch (ATS) will turn the power in your house back on immediately after an outage. A manual transfer switch will perform the same function, but requires activation. Be sure to follow our recommendations for transfer switch safety.


Prevent Restaurant Closures

Restaurant owners can’t profit if they are not serving customers, and they can’t serve customers with spoiled food. A backup generator will power all of the essentials– refrigerator, freezer, stove, and more, allowing you to continue serving customers like any other day. A generator will also allow corner stores and gas stations to sell cold drinks regardless of the weather conditions. Not only will this help you make a profit during outages, but it may increase your profitability as one of the few businesses open during mass outages.


Business Generator Options

As experts in generator installation, we install and maintain generators of all sizes. Small offices may not need a powerful generator like restaurants powering industrial refrigeration systems. Similarly, restaurants may not benefit from a portable generator like traveling construction workers might. We can determine the correct size and wattage generator for your business, and the features that would most benefit your day-to-day performance.


Constant Generator Maintenance

Customer service is our main priority. Our generator maintenance plans are designed to fit your needs at reasonable costs. If your generator is not operating properly during an outage, or you detect an issue while the power is on, we can help. We will promptly assess and correct the issue so that you can go back to business as usual. We handle routine and emergency maintenance, including fuel and oil replenishment, frequency and voltage adjustment, and more.

It’s better to be proactive than reactive. Beat the storm and have a generator installed to give yourself the peace of mind you deserve. Contact us for more information or for a price quote.