At New York Electric Company we sell, service, and install all transfer switches. We work with you to determine which transfer switch will best suit your needs and make recommendations about the different brands we offer. Our factory trained professionals will explain how the switches operate and address any questions or concerns.

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Portable Generator Transfer Switch

With a portable generator you will need to install a transfer switch to switch power from the utility, to your generator. This is a national electrical code. This law is to protect the linemen who work on the utility wires and to protect people from down power lines. By not having a transfer switch connected to your electrical panel you have the potential of putting power back on to the power lines and causing a great safety hazard.

By installing a transfer switch you will have a select amount of electrical circuits backed up by your generator. With one flip of the circuit breaker, power is instantly restored to your home.

When there is a power outage all you will need to do is connect the power chord from your generator to the weather proof outlet, and then turn the circuit breaker that controls the transfer switch. This simple maneuver will restore power back to your house.


Transfer Switches For Your Business

When you have a business like a Pizzeria, Produce, Cold Storage, Gas Station or a different type of business you may find it to be profitable to operate in a power outage. For example at New York Electric Company we have installed over 100 transfer switches for gas stations so that they will be able to pump gas when there is no power. With over 150 transfer switches installed in restaurants across Long Island and New York City, restaurant owners have found it to be a win-win situation. When the power goes out they are protecting their food from spoilage, and they are also open for business, when most other businesses are closed.


Automatic Transfer Switches

An Automatic Transfer Switch or (ATS) is normally used on a house or building with a stationary back up generator. This option will let your generator turn power back to your house automatically when the power goes out, and it will also start your generator up right away. When the power comes back on from the utility company it will turn your generator off and let the utility power back into your building.


Manual Transfer Switch

A Manual Transfer Switch is a transfer switch that is manually operated to turn on and off. This is a less expensive way to transfer power, but it is still a very reliable way to transfer power.


Transfer Switch Maintenance

Transfer switches need to be serviced and maintained as well. This is one of the most critical parts of your generator system, without a functioning transfer switch your system will not run. With our maintenance plans we will inspect and lube all moving parts on your (ATS) to provide maximum performance. For more details see our generator maintenance page, or call us.


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