Debris blocking Long Island road during hurricane

Prepare for Hurricane Season by Purchasing A Generator

Arrange Your Generator Installation Early!

As Long Islanders, we understand the pressure that hurricanes can place on everyone. Storms bring along dangerous conditions and raise tensions, which is extremely disruptive to our lifestyle. In an era where super-storms have become commonplace, a home or portable generator is even more important. Purchasing a generator before hurricane season starts will make sure that your stress levels will run low during storm season, and that the stock is not depleted.

As Long Island’s premier generator professionals, we have a range of different generators suited for different households. If you are considering purchasing or have already purchased a generator, check out our generator maintenance plans.


Generator Availability: Don’t Wait For the Busy Season!

Like any seasonally popular item, generators are difficult to come by when people need them most. That is, of course, hurricane season. Roughly speaking, hurricane season lasts from the beginning of the summer through the end of winter.

Hurricanes are volatile in nature; while weather channels may report that they are headed toward one location one week, they might take a wild turn the next. Because hurricanes can pose such a sudden threat, it’s difficult to purchase generators at the last minute. That’s why purchasing your generator in the beginning of the storm season, or even before, will ensure you receive one. As an impending storm draws closer, generators will become increasingly less available.


Generator Testing and Tune Ups

All generators will be in working order when they are new, but a robust, powerful home generator may have slight performance quirks you need to familiarize yourself with. For optimal performance during a storm, you should have a generator for at least two weeks before an expected storm.

Exercising your home generator will help you to understand the following:

  • How does the generator work on a closer level?
  • How much gas does the generator consume?
  • Are there any performance issues?
  • Do the engine air and oil filters work properly?
  • Is there anything I need a professional to service or explain to me?

Finally, having a professional do a tune-up of your generator before the storm hits is essential. Because your power grid and power needs are unique to your home, you should verify that the frequency and voltage on your generator are adjusted for your home. Additionally, check to make sure that your engine oil is sufficient. A trained professional will go a long way in making sure your generator provides exactly the right output; nothing more, nothing less.


Mobile diesel generator for emergency electric power

Stay Available During and After a Storm

Storms are an extremely stressful time. While your new home generator will keep you from experiencing power outages, your friends and family might not be so lucky. In fact, they may look to you for help in mitigating damage during the storm, or in home repair projects after. A home generator will give you the peace of mind you need during the aftermath of a storm, when outages are still possible.