Transfer Switches: What are they & Why do I need one?

When you start shopping for a home standby generator, you may start hearing about transfer switches. Having an electrician install a transfer switch is the best way to plan ahead for power outages. Many homeowners and business owners have seen the benefits of transfer switches. In the event of a power outage, this is a safe and quick way to get your generator powering your home or business.


What is a Transfer Switch?

A transfer switch is an electrical device installed by an electrician that allows you to connect and immediately draw power from your generator. You can select which electrical circuits to be backed up. Then, when the power goes out, you can flip the circuit breaker and instantly restore power.

There are also Automatic Transfer Switches or ATS, which are used in homes or buildings with permanent standby generators. This will start your generator up right away when the power goes out. The ATS will continuously monitor your electric utility power.

Why Do I Need a Transfer Switch?

Generator Plugs in the Rain - Reasons you need a Transfer Switch

There are several ways to power your home or business with a generator. One of the ways is to run extension cords to the appliances and lights from your generator. Homeowners that choose this option know that this is not only dangerous, but also does not allow you to power household circuits. These circuits power important things such as your sump pump or furnace fan. During a storm or blackout, these are important household functions that you will need powered. When you choose to have an electrician install a transfer switch, you will not only eliminate the need for extension cords, but you will also keep important utilities running.


Going even a few hours without electricity can spoil your food and cause a lot of damage. Having a manual or automatic transfer switch professionally installed can save you time, money and stress. While we may be in high Summer right now, Fall and Winter are truly right around the corner. The last thing you want for your home or business is the possibility of going hours, if not days, without power in dropping temperatures due to an unforeseen act of weather or emergency.

At the end of the day, preparedness is always the best option. The skilled and licensed electricians from NY Electric Company are on hand to answer any of your inquiries regarding transfer switches and generators to ensure that your home or business has the appropriate protection in case of an emergency.


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