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4 Common Commercial Electrical Hazards

If the lights are on in the office and your machines are up and running, everything is fine, right? Well, maybe not. Work sites are frequently in violation of numerous electrical codes. This creates not only grounds for potential citations, but safety hazards as well. In the interest of keeping your employees safe and your company powered correctly, take a look at these pointers on how you can avoid some common electrical hazards found in many work places.


1. Electrical Equipment Misuse

A common cause of electrocution and fire is the misuse, or poorly maintained electrical equipment. This includes copy machines, computers, coffeemakers, microwaves, and more. Some key points to remember:

  • Follow all safety instructions on all electrical devices.
  • Make sure break rooms are equipped with smoke detectors.
  • Use outlet strips for all computer equipment.
  • All equipment must be plugged into a protected outlet.


2. Not Keep Things Dry

Electricity and water don’t mix. We hope you know that already@ Make sure all appliances and electrical components stay dry. Kitchen areas in the workplace are often the top areas of offense. Let employees know to clean up after themselves around the refrigerator, coffee pot and microwave. If working with power tools and cables, be sure they get stored properly when not in use, and never use them in a wet environment.


3. Poor Cord Care

It is very important that you take proper care of the extension cords in your workplace. Check extension cord insulations regularly. The insulation of the cords should be fully intact and be without any cracks, tears, or fraying. Be sure that your extension cords are not knotted because this increase the risk of fire. The conductors will become damaged when the cord is tied up. It is also a good idea to keep extension cords out of the way of any high traffic areas. This will damage the cords when people step on them regularly.

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4. DIY Commercial Electrical

When your worksite requires any electrical installations or repair, let only certified and licensed electricians tackle any wiring. You may think that you can handle it yourself, but consulting with professionals should be your course of action. This way, all jobs will be completed according to electrical safety codes. This ensures greater protection for the employees who will be using any equipment. Hiring a professional electrician also prevents the injuries that result when less qualified individuals attempt jobs that they aren’t properly trained to do.


Remember that the team at NY Electrical Company is here for you to tackle any of your commercial electrical needs. We pride ourselves in being experts at fixing and avoiding code violations so don’t hesitate to call us today.