Professional installing generator

Generator Installation: Why You Need a Professional

  Consider these factors before you attempt generator installation on your own… After weighing the pros & cons of portable and standby options, you’ve selected the ideal generator unit for your household or business needs. Now you just need to set it up and wait for your first storm, right? Not so fast. There’s a  … Read more

Home Standby Generators from NY Electric Company

Standby Generators: Helping You Weather the Storm

  At New York Electric Company, we are your top choice for standby power on Long Island. As we saw during Hurricane Sandy, when the time comes that you need a generator, it is already too late. If you were like thousands of Long Islanders looking for a generator when we lost power, you know  … Read more

Portable vs. Standby: Which is the Best Backup Generator for You?

If you were here on Long Island during the blackout of 2003 or Hurricane Sandy, you know how dependent we are on power. Storms take out trees, which then will take out power lines. Local roads can become impassable and there is no way to gauge when the power will come back. Overloaded power grids  … Read more