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5 Generator Snow Preparation Tips

Winter is on its way. Long Island has already seen some snowfall, which is rare for this time of year. If we are in for some heavy snows this season, you need to be prepared. Heavy snow and ice can do major damage to power grids, so it is a smart move to prepare your backup generator to weather the storm.


1. Fuel Up Your Generator

If you want your generator ready for a winter storm, make sure you have plenty of fuel on hand. It would also be a good time to rotate your fuel supply. Pour the gas from your stored fuel into the car and then fill up the gas cans with fresh fuel, and add fuel stabilizer for storage.


2. Change The Generator’s Oil

Making sure your generator has enough oil is a smart generator maintenance practice. Doing so regularly will keep your generator running smoothly and for a long period of time. Changing the oil will also improve the engine’s lifespan. Many generators shut down automatically to protect the engine if the oil level gets too low. To keep yours protected and ready for a winter storm, be sure to check the oil level whenever you add fuel.


3.Inspect Replaceable Generator Parts

Before any storm season, it is important to check that all replaceable parts are working properly. Check the following parts and make sure they are clean and in working order:

  • Carburetor
  • Air Filter
  • Fuel Filter
  • Spark Plugs

Replacing parts in a timely manner is quality generator maintenance. Checking all parts according to schedule will ensure your generator’s peak performance.

generator installation


4. Do You Have A Transfer Switch?

A manual transfer switch is by far the best way to use a portable generator for emergency use. The switch allows the generator to connect directly to the home’s electrical system to power furnaces, refrigerators, pumps, and much more. When engaged, the manual transfer switch isolates the generator power from the incoming utility lines. This is important because you don’t want to endanger utility line workers or overload the generator. A dedicated cable connects the generator to the transfer switch through an inlet box. This method protects the integrity of your home’s electrical wiring, safeguards the generator, and eliminates running multiple extension cords from the generator into the house. A transfer switch practically guarantees that you’ll be up and running through the worst of storms.


5. Regular Generator Tune-Ups

Performing tune-ups on your generator at the start of every storm season will ensure that it will be working properly. It should also be tested after every use. Also, testing your generator every month gives you the confidence that your generator will be reliable throughout the storm season.

The team at NY Electric wants your family safe and warm during snow season. If you have any questions about using your generator, or generator maintenance, call us anytime.