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How a Home Backup Generator Works


When you have a home backup generator, it will sense a power outage and turn on automatically. Conveniently, it will run until your utility power returns. Standby generators are your ideal choice when the power goes out for days or weeks at a time. During a hurricane on Long Island, those with home backup generators will have adequate power to continue daily activities. Having power during a blackout or a storm can relieve some of the stress of an inconvenient situation.

Unlike portable generators, standby generators are a permanent fixture on your property. There are a lot of intricacies with the installation process that requires a professional, so this is not a DIY project. In order to prevent fire hazards or breaking town codes, NY Electric Company will install your backup generator properly and safely.

For our customers unsure on how a home backup generator works, we have created this list to show the convenience of it. When you don’t want to deal with running wires or fighting a storm to set up you portable generator, standby is the way to go!

Home goes dark in a black out

1. Your Power Goes Out

Your power can go out for many reasons. Downed trees in a storm can take out power lines. The heat in summertime can overload the power grid. Regardless, your lights are out and you lost power to your appliances. Furthermore, you no longer have heat or air conditioning.

At this point, most people go into a mild panic. Most likely, they will be searching for flashlights, candles, and checking if their phone battery is at least over 10%.


2. An Automatic Transfer Switch Senses a Problem

A standby generator system will constantly monitor utility power. This occurs through your installed automatic transfer switch (ATS). An ATS works 24/7 to monitor your electricity and protect your home. In a matter of seconds, the ATS can be alerted of a problem and spring into action.

Home Lit Up with Backup Generator Power

3. Home Backup Generator Switches on

Before you even locate that flashlight, your standby generator will have switched on. You will have almost instant power to your home when you have a backup power system installed in your home.

You home and family will be safe and comfortable while waiting out the power outage. There will be no need to refuel since your generator will be connected to your home’s gas or propane line. Once the power is restored, the ATS will switch you back to utility power.

It’s That Simple!

Enjoy the convenience of home backup power without lifting a finger. With reliable brands such as Generac, Kohler, and Briggs & Stratton, you can choose which backup power solution is right for you. NY Electric Company will help you choose the right size, brand, and location for your home backup generator. Installation costs will vary depending on the ease or difficulty of the installation process. Installation packages start around $2,000.

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No fighting with power cords

No exposure to the elements

No long waits for power

No running out of fuel

No fighting the lines at the gas station