Generac is the top selling brand of home backup generators.
Discover why they are the #1 selling brand on the market.

When choosing the right home standby generator, you need to become familiar with the features and benefits of Generac. There are many different options depending on your needs. NY Electric Company will help you decide which is right for you. Most importantly, we will install and service you Generac Standby Generator so that it is up and running when you need it. There are many reasons why people choose standby over portable generators. Read the testimonials below to see the benefits for yourself!


Generac Guardian Series

Protect your entire home or just the essentials

Generac Guardian Generator

Generac & NY Electric Company present to you the most popular home backup generators available: the Guardian® Series. It engages in a flash; at the moment it determines power loss—fast, seamlessly and automatically—and while it monitors for the return of utility power it runs for as long as necessary.


Generac Corepower Series

The most affordable home backup generator

Generac Corepower Generator

Why deal with the challenges of a portable generator when you can find protection and comfort in Generac’s CorePower™ fully automatic home backup power solution? Designed to give you peace of mind by backing up your essential circuits.


“I don’t have to worry. When the lights go off the generator kicks in and within a minute my home comes to life and everything starts working. I can rely on it 150%.”
— Dorothy McCain


Generac Centurion Series

Generac Centurion Generator

The Centurion® Series is completely automatic and is designed to protect your entire home or just the most essential items.


“To me, this generator has paid for itself multiple times over. My main goal was to protect my family and keep them safe and secure in the home. Now because of this generator I have that feeling of security & peace of mind that is priceless.”
— Greg Boppler


Generac Quietsource Series

The premium solution for large homes

Generac Quiet Source Generator

The QuietSource® Series is the strong, silent type. Its prime features make it the best solution for larger residential backup power.


“I tell everybody ‘get a generator’, skip the boat. I had my generator installed in January, 2012. It’s a whole house generator system that powers everything connected, I no longer have to worry about anything. It’s very reassuring.”
— Eve Hershkowitz


Generac Ecogen Series

Specifically designed for off-grid use

Generac EcoGen Generator

EcoGen™ is the only automatic backup generator purely designed specifically for off-grid use with alternative green energy systems, such as wind or solar power.


“In 11 seconds, the lights return, everything regains power, and you just go right back to working on the computer or watching a show or a movie…its great!”
— John Borelli


Generac Protector Series

Premier cost-effective pre-packaged diesel solution

Generac EcoGen Generator

LackGenerac Protector Generator easy access to natural gas or liquid propane fuel? Not a problem. The pre-packaged Protector™ Series backup generators are powered by diesel fuel, and are known to be more cost-effective than many competitive diesel-fueled generators.


“When the power first went off, within the first few minutes we got calls from our neighbors asking us how come we still have power?”
— Gerald Grupp